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QR Code

Expand your business network, and set yourself apart.

Share your contact details and business information in just one scan.

In a world with better and faster technology, people are using mobile devices more than ever. It’s all about accessing the needed information in a simple, quick snap and getting your business information to the customer faster.

A dynamic QR code is a niche tool that generates different types of QR codes in different frames and layouts. Depending on your business needs, this QR code is used as a direct link to your website, social media pages, and so much more. It can be used on your business flyers to direct a potential customer to your site faster and increase conversion potential.


QR Code Activation

For a tailored solution, Best Web Design will generate a dynamic QR code. Therefore, we offer various packages for you to choose from. These QR codes are all embedded with a unique link that gets the potential customer in contact with you faster. Keep your customer informed, expand your social media and grow your business network.


Each QR code package includes

We will set up a meeting with you to discuss the QR code plan you had in mind.

Upon selecting your preferred QR code type, we will set-up, activate and integrate your selected QR codes.

Before roll-out, we will send you an example of your design and get your final signoff. Once you are delighted with your QR choice, our team of tech fundi’s will start the integration and testing process. Once we are satisfied with the integration process, your QR code is ready for roll-out.


We will set up a schedule with you so that we can periodically obtain the required information we need to launch a successful campaign.

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