Team - Best Web Design (Pty) Ltd


Ian Ludick

Owner and Managing Director

Ian is the founder and managing director of Best Web Design, primarily leading the web development efforts. Ian’s role includes facilitating overall efforts from various departments, handling strategic decision-making as well as creating innovative concepts and accessible solutions that are tailored to the needs of our clients.


Jessica Hersey

Marketing Manager

Jessica takes the lead as marketing manager and is in control of diligent research, planning and coordinating campaigns, overseeing content production and the implementation of online marketing strategies.

Eric Watson

Development Manager

Eric’s role as development manager involves scheduling and delegating daily tasks required to successfully complete our client’s objectives. He is also in charge of evaluating and resolving technical problems as well as inspecting procedural feasibility and design optimization.


Reuben Coertzen

Lead Copy Writer

Reuben takes charge of all copywriting requirements and content production. His responsibilities entail thorough assessment and comprehension of the client’s corporate identity, products and services in order to brainstorm and compile appropriate, enticing copy based on SEO criteria.

Dewald Ludick

SEO Specialist

As an SEO specialist Dewald analyses, reviews and implements changes to our client websites so they are fully optimized for all search engines. This means maximizing the traffic to a site by improving any page rank within search engines.


Racheal Kazembe

Graphic Designer

Racheal uses a wonderful combination of magic, strategy and creativity to execute thought-provoking and stunning visual concepts for our clients.

Steven Hogg

Multi Media Designer

Steve creates engaging presentations of images and information for various media forms. His strong foundation in art and visual design is the key to his successful designs.


Prudence Nkosi

Retail Manager

As the retail manager for the Best web team, Prudence is responsible for research, planning and maintaining healthy relationships with various stakeholders. She has an in-depth understanding of campaign distribution and the overall execution of marketing plans.

Nkgudi Makgopa

Social Media Manager

In her role as a social media manager, Nkgudi is responsible for planning, implementing, managing and monitoring our client’s social media strategies in order to increase brand awareness, improve marketing efforts and increase sales.


Nick Nyirenda

E-commerce Developer

As an e-commerce developer and technical specialist, Nick specializes in HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript as well as front and back-end development.